My family loves the Amazon Echo. My two-year-old has learned to give Alexa commands and expects that those commands can be performed anywhere, not just near the Echo. As we’ve used it more and more, some ideas for additional features come to mind around personalization and visual feedback.

Voice Recognition

Could Alexa recognize my voice and provide an experience tailored to me? Maybe the experience for me could be different than another person. And a different experience for an adult versus a child.

Different Light Colors

Could each person or recognized voice be associated with a different color? When I’m recognized, the Echo light could be blue, whereas someone else could be red, or any other set color.


Along with a recognized voice, could there be an associated profile tied to different accounts? For example, when I speak, I have access to my calendar, versus someone else having access to theirs.

Personalization Per Profile

Each profile could have personalization beyond associated accounts and light colors? Maybe a different voice for the Echo and trigger word.


More visual feedback could be nice. How about the amount of time left on a timer being represented by a different color on the top light ring of the Echo? Or, the amount of time left on a song?