Like every other model of iPhone that came before it, I upgraded to the new iPhone as soon as I had the chance. Yes, I stayed up until 1:15am to place an order and have it shipped, rather than waiting in line.

When I opened the iPhone 5 box on September 21, the first thing I noticed when I picked it up was how light it felt. After that, it was the height of the screen that I began to study and practice reaching my thumb for the spot where a back button would be. It felt a bit straining.

The on-boarding process of switching to the new iPhone was as seamless as it’s ever been. I walked through a few steps, entered my Apple ID and the phone immediately became active with my current phone number. That was it.

I had been using iOS 6 during its beta period, so there wasn’t really much there that was new. This allowed me to turn my attention to the hardware features, like the taller, more brilliant screen, the camera quality and the speed of the new processor. Things felt butter smooth.

Over time, I’ve become used to the taller screen and tolerant of the micro-scratches on the aluminum. I always loved the feel of the first iPhone and I’m glad to see the iPhone 5 return to some of those same materials.