It’s here. Apple’s new creation is the iPad.

People keep asking me about what I think about it and I’m just not sure yet. I can definitely see myself using this device while traveling or just casual computing while watching TV. But, is that enough to warrant getting one? Not sure.

I think a lot of people put some impossible expectations on this thing. If it’s one thing we’ve seen from the iPhone is that Apple likes to iterate on its products. There were delays in later releases of the iPhone because Apple learned so much about how people wanted to use the device (or so they say). That ultimately made the device better.

A camera would be cool, but I’d have to prop up the device or hold it straight in front of me, otherwise people would get a direct shot up my nose. I can see multitasking being beneficial, but I can also appreciate having one dedicated task at a time; if I’m reading I’m reading, or focussed on watching a video, etc.

From what I’ve heard, the iPad is crazy fast. The form factor looks tolerable and I’m really interested in the types of apps that are developed specifically for the iPad.

So, like I said I’m just not sure. It might be one of those things you just have to experience to appreciate. I’ll find out in a couple months.